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The context package in go provides a way for request-scoped values to be passed between all goroutines that are involved in handling a request. Context also provides a way to set certain rules like how long a process can run before you automatically cancel it. A common way context is used is for handling HTTP requests. The context package defines the Context type which has the following methods:

  • Done()
    • This returns a read-only channel which automatically closes when the context is canceled or when the context times out.
  • Deadline()
    • This returns both a deadline, which represents the time that the context will be canceled at or closed at, as well as a boolean that tells you if a deadline is set for this context.
  • Err()
    • This returns an error explaining why the Done() channel was closed or nil if the Done() channel was not closed.
  • Value(key interface{})
    • This returns the value stored for the passed key or nil if the key is not present.
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