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foomo project docs

Stuff we wrote, because nobody else wanted to

foomo is an open source project, that has been maintained by the bestbytes team since 2011. It provides a wide range of utilities, libraries and daemons, that help us to tackle challenging projects.

foomo can help, if you are

  • using Go to write services
  • building frontends with TypeScript and Next.js
  • running your software on k8s
  • looking for a solution to deeply integrate your frontends with a headless cms
If more than two points apply, it will actually help a LOT

General guides

no matter if frontend or backend - there is somtehing for everyone in here

Frontend guides

Build frontends with TypeScript, Next.js, styled components, gotsrpc

Backend guides

Write fast and reliable services in Go and run them in the cloud


Foomo projects - libraries, utilities, friendly daemons and more


foomo has extensive support for headless CMS Systems


Show me the big picture - how does foomo integrate into the k8s and Next.js eco system

Awesome Software

a curated list of software we use in the cloud, on our desktops and our devices


our approach to run cloud native applications where they belong


random information about programming, our ecosystem and misc fun topics