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Architecture overview

backend services

When it comes to writing backend services we have decided for Go - let me list the main reasons why - Go is:

  • simple and fun
  • fast when compiling
  • fast at runtime
  • friendly to your machines
  • friendly to you as a programmer
  • equipped with a top notch runtime
  • extremely well balanced in its design as a language, that is highly consumable for humans and machines
  • not about the features it has
  • about what has been left out
  • easy to read
  • sustainable

Foomo projects supporting development with Go

  • keel - opinionated way to run services
  • gotsrpc - rpc framework / code generator
  • gograpple - human friendly way to debug go programs running in k8s
  • webgrapple - a development proxy


Foomo projects supporting development with Next.js