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Spot Instance Node Pools

Setting up spot instance node pools is a great way to save money on stateless applications

Setting Up Node Taints

Setting Up Pod Toleration

Pod Toleration

DaemonSet Toleration

Don't forget to set the daemonset tolerations

Setting Up Pod Disruption Budgets

Setting up a pod disruption budget is important due to erratic node shutdown possibility. What could happen is that nodes that are hosting the applications start terminating, and our application becomes unresponsive until the application is re-located to another node. To avoid that situation, for the instances we need to configure pod disruption budget on our helm deployments.

apiVersion: policy/v1
kind: PodDisruptionBudget
  name: application-name
  maxAvailable: 50%
      app: application-name

For more details check out here

Setting Up Termination Handling

Setting Up K8s Cron Shutdown Cleanup