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External documentation resources

Runtime / browser

In general the Mozilla Developer Network - MDN is a great resource, if you want to know, what your browser is capable of.

Once you found out, how great an API is, the question to answer will be "can I use" feature X. is a great resource to find the answers, when trying to understand, if a browser API / feature is ready to use for your audience.


JavaScript historically has a very bad reputation. Please enjoy the following classic piece of infotainment:

As JavaScript has been massively iterated on, the runtimes hav ecome crazy fast and the language keeps on evolving.

The (mostly functional) subset of the language, that is being used in modern JavaScript / TypeScript projects to is highly expressive and reads well.

Please take the time and learn about

  • functional programming
  • variable scope
  • modern JavaScript syntax
    • arrow functions
    • new keywords
    • spreading
    • ...
  • promises


  • CSS block model
  • flex box

Browser APIs

  • canvas
  • fetch
  • local storage
  • websockets
  • sse server side events
  • built in types