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Working remotely

Especially since the beginning of the corona pandemy working remotely has become a very important topic. The foomo team has extensive experience working remotely as we are a distributed team.

Disclaimer: we are almost exclusively working in one timezone.


  • fast and reliable internet connection
  • a proper workplace

The good parts

  • no commute
  • less distractions from team members

The bad parts

  • harder to separate between work and your private life
  • less informal communication with teammates
  • less human interaction

When working from home

  • make sure, that you have a routine, that still takes you to work
    • fixed working hours
    • "go to work" and "leave work" even if you do not leave your home
    • if possible use a room, that is for work only
    • have clear rules for your family / roomates, when at work
  • when communication with teammates use video calls
  • take time for your teammates and have a virtual coffee break with someone at least once a day
  • invest half the time, that you save by not communiting to exercise