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Getting started


Prerequisite: you need Go 1.16+. Upgrade if you still haven't, then run:

go get

If you trust us there are precompiled versions on Github

On the mac:

brew install foomo/gocontentful/gocontentful

Test the installation (make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH):

$ gocontentful -version

Optional tools

Gocontentful requires a CMA API key to scan the Contentful space and generate the model. This can be passed as a CLI parameter but that's tedious and your management key will remain in your shell history. A better approach is to log in to Contentful using the official Contentful CLI. Gocontentful will get the key automatically. To install the CLI refer to the official documentation at

After installing the CLI log in inside your terminal with:

$ contentful login
$ gocontentful

ERROR: Please specify either a Contentful Space ID and CMA access token or an export file name

  gocontentful -spaceid SpaceID -cmakey CMAKey [-contenttypes firsttype,secondtype...lasttype] path/to/target/package

  -cmakey string
    	[Optional] Contentful CMA key
  -contenttypes string
    	[Optional] Content type IDs to parse, comma separated
  -environment string
    	[Optional] Contentful space environment
  -exportfile string
    	Space export file to generate the API from
    	Print version and exit
  -spaceid string
    	Contentful space ID
    	Print version and exit

- The last segment of the path/to/target/package will be used as package name
- The -cmakey parameter can be omitted if you logged in with the Contentful CLI


  • The last segment of the path/to/target/package will be used as package name
  • You need to pass gocontentful either cmakey/spaceid (and optional environment) to generate the API from a live space or exportfile to generate it from a local space export file. The cmakey can be omitted if you are logged in through the Contentful CLI.